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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

-- Will Durant, amazing historian --

Northwestern University

After never being east of Idaho, I went to Evanston, Illinois for undergrad. It was the first time I was surrounded by kids as geeky as I was, and I spent a lot of time on the early World Wide Web. Four years later I left with degrees in Political Science and Economics and absolutely no idea that Northwestern would, some day, not totally suck at football.

Lewis & Clark Law School

After heading back to Oregon, I took the LSAT and spent three years learning about the law. I didn’t know how much it would change how I thought, and I didn’t know that I would emerge with no desire to become an attorney. I passed the bar when I came to Washington, and remain a card-carrying member… but just for the lulz.

Seattle University

After several years working in the real world, I decided to formalize some of the things I’d learned on the job in a classroom by getting my MBA. The evening classes added a lot to my plate, but it was fun to be back in school, taking tests and racking up more student loan debt.

I know I got skillz, man. I know I got skillz, man.

-- Shaquille O'Neal, less-than-amazing rapper --

Business Development

I am not in sales. I do not care to be in sales. I have family members in sales and it’s not for me. Convincing a current or potential client to do work with me, though, is something that I enjoy. Analyzing an RFP or, better yet, meeting with someone about potential work is a new puzzle to be solved, which is cool. And I love writing proposals and selling someone on what my team and I are capable of doing and how we can help them. But I am not in sales.

  • Proposals
  • Pitch Meetings
  • Public Speaking
  • Being a Good GuyResearch

    What the client wants and what the client needs aren’t always the same thing, and I excel at getting to what will help the client succeed. I have extensive experience crafting and analyzing online surveys targeted at internal and external audiences as well as conducting and synthesizing stakeholder interviews all targeted at getting to the root of a pain point for the client and learning how to fix it.

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Online Surveys
  • Research Synthesis and Analysis
  • Documentation and Presentations of Findings
  • Strategy

    The online experience is just another way of articulating a brand experience, and I like to look big-picture at a client’s business and their customers’ needs to make sure that a website or an app hits the mark. I take the research findings and I craft a plan: what is the goal of the project? What are success metrics? Who are we trying to reach, and what do they want? I then lay the groundwork for design and development work by producing information architecture documentation.

  • Personas
  • Content Inventory
  • Business & Functional Goals
  • Site Map
  • WireframesManagement

    Once the plan is put in place, I am comfortable managing the process at different levels. I have experience creating and tracking budgets, schedules and resources but I think that my ability to connect with and advocate for the client helps build long-term relationships that are more valuable than any single deliverable.

  • Client Expectations and Relationships
  • Budget Management
  • Schedule Responsibility
  • Day-to-day Project Management
  • Interactive Group Leadership
  • [/one_fourth_last]

    Please fill out the form below, shoot me an email at edolet@gmail.com (unless you’re a spammer, I suppose) or give me a call at 206.335.1539. I’d love to hear from you (unless you’re a spammer).

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